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  • The team from Sector IT worked with us throughout our project. They kept us involved the whole time.
  • Our [VMware] infrastructure was starting to be a real headache.
  • The trouble with VMware is that management invests a lot of money to put it in and then they think they've bought a bottom-less pit.
  • We bought a SAN solution that just didn't work and then spent months trying to make it work - Sector IT sorted things out.
  • With VMware you're putting all your eggs in one basket. It goes from being the answer to your prayers to the cause of them.
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VMware Virtualisation

VMware has firmly established itself as the leader in enterprise virtualisation solutions and most public sector organisations already use its products in some areas of their provision.

For many of those, the practical reality of virtualisation is already coming home with capacity and performance issues becoming increasingly prevalent. Sector IT has a broad experience of VMware in organisations of all sizes; our consultants can help you to get the most from your virtualisation infrastructure.

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VMware Services

Customers in the early stages of a virtualisation project will benefit from our design and installation services.

Once the infrastructure is installed, configured, tested and documented, we can help you to complete your P2V deployment, migrating servers or redeploying them from scratch, as appropriate.

Those with a more mature virtualisation infrastructure may have already started to experience performance issues as hosts and SANs that were supposed to offer 'unlimited' growth reach capacity.

VM consolidation and host performance management will help you to improve your end-user experience. Our experienced VMware consultants can can help you to re-engineer your configuration in a manner that is transparent to your clients.

VMware offers the ability to build a functional Disaster Recovery site without spending a fortune. Sector IT can implement a variety of D.R. solutions from near-line to fully transparent fail-over and seamless fail-back.

How Can We Help?

Are you planning an implementation or infrastructure upgrade?

Do you want to target a limited investment to where you will achieve the greatest impact?

Is your design resilient? Users throughout the business are less likely than ever to accept the fact that complex systems can fail. Are you confident in your infrastructure?

Is your existing virtual infrastructure starting to groan? Do common VMware tasks, such as cloning and migration fail regularly? They shouldn't, your hosts are giving 'notice'.

Flexible Contracts

We offer full annual support contracts and prepaid call-off arrangements where we will work on mutually agreed activities.

As with other business critical systems, we don't think our customers are best served with 'incident support', whilst we're always happy to work cooperatively with local teams, we feel strongly that anyone involved with troubleshooting a critical problem should have an intimate knowledge of the specific system, and this can only be gained through an approach of daily system monitoring and regular discussion with local teams.