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  • We simply couldn't manage all of our GPs without ZENworks; physically, we just couldn't do it.
  • The focus of ZENworks is to provide total network management while bringing the associated management effort as close to zero as possible.
  • I can do more, with fewer support staff.
  • My team is spending less time troubleshooting problems with users' machines.
  • Our ZEN project had stalled, Sector came in and gave the project some focus and got it out there and delivering real benefits to the Trust.
  • We had an incident-based support contract with another provider but that just didn't help us to drive the system forwards. Now we're with Sector.
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Expert Desktop Management

ZENworks is a truly unique product offering comprehensive, centralised support for networked devices; it is developed by Novell, a member of the Attachmate Group.

Many National Health Service organisations in England have licensed ZENworks Configuration Management, which provides valuable services for managing desktop PCs and servers. Its features include remote management of devices, inventory of hardware resources and deployed software, automated distribution of applications and updates/policies.

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ZENworks Configuration Management

ZENworks delivers proven and reliable services for centralised configuration and management of network endpoints in complex, heterogeneous corporate networks. It offers policy-based automation of software and patch deployment, asset tracking, endpoint security, OS migration and many other routine tasks.

With ZENworks, IT Teams can synchronise the Windows desktop environment with their organisation’s business policies; while saving IT time, budget and resources for strategic projects.

The full ZENworks suite comprises:

  • ZENworks Application Virtualisation
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Manager
  • ZENworks Patch Management
  • ZENworks Asset Management
  • ZENworks Mobile Management
  • Novell Service Desk

Customers can licence all or part of the full suite.

How Can We Help?

We offer contracted and one-off support and consulting services in the following areas:

  • New Implementations
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • Business and Resource Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • ZENworks Project Management
  • Technical Support in all areas of the ZENworks suite

If you're struggling to meet your support calls, consider ZENworks Configuration Management.

Perhaps you already have an earlier version of ZEN or a stagnant deployment, call us to discuss an upgrade project.

Flexible Contracts

We offer full annual support contracts and prepaid call-off arrangements where we will work on mutually agreed activities.

Sector doesn't offer Incident-based support for the ZENworks suite. Why not? Whilst we're able to help clients deal with any unexpected events, we feel that only daily monitoring and intervention allows us to prevent those sorts of issues from occurring in the first place.

Once it's deployed, ZENworks quickly becomes a mission critical service and we believe that it needs to be proactively managed and supported as such.