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  • Our Informatics department consumes over half of the Trusts IT resources and it's growing all the time.
  • We were looking at recommendations to replace an entire blade infrastructure to meet the reporting demand.
  • Sector IT analysed our activity and ended up redesigning a lot of our core reports and views, as well as building bespoke indexes.
  • We achieved massive performance improvements and proved that the issues were with the developers, not the hardware.
  • We support our Information team but their data and reporting is pretty jealously guarded operational knowledge.
Green Square

Database Management

Database management is complex and achieving high level performance whilst maintaining the security and integrity of the corporate data is not easy. Sector IT can help.

Green Square

Database Management

Sector IT provides an holistic approach to database support in which our experienced DBAs manage services from the underlying server, whether physical or virtualised, to the end-user application.

We offer certified technical support for all life-cycle stages within Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database implementations.

Database management is more complex than it has ever been with Virtualisation and storage management adding to potential bottlenecks. The simple truth is that if your DBA isn't skilled in these areas

then he/she probably can't give you the support you need.

Again, if your DBA doesn't have an established development background, you're unlikely to be getting the best from them.

Our DBAs work in a strong development environment, building reports and developing data-backed applications for enterprise deployment.

How Can We Help?

Simply throwing hardware at a problem is a short term solution, at best. Increasingly we find that customers are realising that throwing resources at the problem won't fend off the issues of weak DBA control.

We can analyse and deconstruct your activity to identify the resource contention that exists in your environment today.

Our DBAs will determine immediate, remedial solutions and on-going strategies for which, importantly, they will determine quantifiable metrics for recording the impact of any of their interventions.

Additionally, we offer installation, upgrade, migration and data transformation services to or from our supported systems.

Flexible Contracts

We provide DBA services as annual contracts and as ad-hoc consulting services at a standard day-rate.

Perhaps you're faced with recovering an aged Oracle database from an archive tape? Call us and we can help.