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  • Vibe's amazing! Our development effort was all about switching features off, not getting them working in the first place!
  • With Vibe we have a mechanism to interact with iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices in a secure manner.
  • It was worth installing Vibe just to handle Board papers! Everything else has been a bonus.
  • We found that the teams start thinking in a genuinely collaborative manner, Vibe really starts to drive innovation.
  • If a GP is in a patient's home at 3:30am and needs prescribing advice, it's right there, in Vibe.
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Collaboration with Novell Vibe

Vibe is a game changing collaboration suite that delivers Web 2.0 social networking tools to your user community. It is developed by Novell, a member of the Attachmate group.

Why game changing? Unlike competing solutions, the empowering features of Vibe are available right out of the box; you don't get a framework or a toolkit, you don't have to build web-pages or write a single line of code; it's a functional solution with a fully configured back-end database and operational Indexing service. It just works! And it keeps on working!

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How Can I Try Vibe?

Sector IT is the only UK Novell partner licensed to offer Vibe On-Prem under a SaaS pricing model within the NHS.

Our solution places a virtual appliance on the customer site, using the customer's own infrastructure, or a dedicated server provided under contract.

Clients can be up and running, literally within minutes, without the cost commitments usually associated with an Enterprise deployment.

It's a quick, cheap and incredibly easy way to pilot Vibe in your Trust.

Usage is charged for individual users, on a monthly basis, at a rate of £2.40ppm.

What happens if you want to upgrade to a full licence? If you're running on your own infrastructure, nothing at all. You simply purchase your full licence and carry on with your Vibe system. If you're running on provisioned hardware we will assist in relocating the appliance.

So far, every client that has tried Vibe has opted to keep it and deploy Trust-wide, a 100% take up!

How Can We Help?

We don't just offer Vibe as an appliance. Sector IT can provide extensive consulting and support in all aspects of the initial installation and implementation, through the entire lifecycle, from building functional teams to assisting customers in getting the Vibe message out to users.

Our remote management team can support your Vibe system, offering full operations support, upgrade, migration, backup and restore functions, within an annual service contract.

Support Contracts

We offer full annual support contracts and prepaid call-off arrangements where we will work on mutually agreed activities.

Sector doesn't offer Incident-based support for Vibe. Why not? Whilst we're able to help clients deal with any unexpected events, we feel that only daily monitoring and intervention allows us to prevent those sorts of issues from occurring in the first place.

Once it's deployed, Vibe quickly becomes a mission critical service and we believe that it needs to be proactively managed and supported as such.