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  • Whenever there are problems in our Trust BaU takes the hit. Our guys are pulled in to shore-up struggling projects and the helpdesk suffers.
  • Nobody seems to care why it happens, as soon as our KPIs turn red the department comes under the microscope.
  • My users only seem to have one metric, if their support call is answered and dealt with straight away, we're good, anything else and we're bad.
  • When the organisation is reorganising every five minutes the last thing I need are breeching SLAs!
Green Square


Sector IT offers full and ad-hoc helpdesk services which gives our customers the ability to outsource their helpdesk service or to just call off additional technicians during times of peak need.

Green Square

What's Included?

We provide a dedicated, manned service desk operating from Monday to Friday throughout the year.

Access to our helpdesk is included in all of our service contracts and provides a route to our experienced second and third line support consultants as well as our project teams.

However, if you're looking to outsource all or part of your own helpdesk provision, we are able to assist by providing a range of service options.

During times of peak need your support

queues can reach the point that service levels are breeched and your KPIs flag up departmental failings which bring the kind of attention you don't want!

Many of our customers opt to call in Sector IT - our technicians will remotely connect to your service queues, directly contacting your end-users to resolve their issues and bring down the call queues.

Alternatively we can take on the entire first and second line support roles, massively reducing departmental overheads and freeing up local staff to work on key Trust projects.

How Can We Help?

As part of our a standard service offering, our service desk underpins all of our service contracts.

Additionally we can offer short term helpdesk cover to meet gaps in your local provision or to assist in handling unusual activity spikes by allowing our own first-line support staff to remotely access your systems and directly support your end-users.

Our helpdesk is running under Novell Service Desk. If you require assistance in implementing or leveraging the power of this system, call us.

Flexible Contracts

We offer helpdesk support as annual contracts as well as call-off support days.

As long as we're able to remotely access your service desk we can help.