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  • Sector IT produced an end-to-end virtualisation solution for us; they sourced the hardware, installed the hypervisor and then migrated or redeployed our systems, as a single project.
  • Out-sourcing the IT strategy has really helped me. I get the benefit of another point of view and I retain full editorial control.
  • We inherited an unsupported clinical system running on Oracle. Sector IT put in a DBA who set up all out backup and maintenance tasks, and left us with a set of local support documents.
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Consulting Services

As skilled ICT practitioners with a long and proven history working within the NHS, we are pleased to offer technical consulting services on any of our supported products or in a more business oriented capacity. Our consultants are able to help maximise the return on your IT expenditure by optimising your operations. Additionally, we can undertake the production of strategic plans or business redesign operations, such as mergers or service partitions.

Our services extend to on-the-ground technical support.

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What's Included?

Our consulting services are based on real-world experience, gained in delivering business critical systems to public sector customers in a front-line capacity.

All of our consultants spend at least six months of the year actually working on front-line customer systems, so we believe that they are uniquely placed to understand the challenges of service delivery.

We understand that our solutions have to fit with the clients' exiting infrastructure and be sympathetic to the business and financial constraints that are placed

upon them.

Sector IT strives to develop solutions that are pragmatic and cost-effective, facilitating excellence and evidenced as providing the best return on investment.

How Can We Help?

Technical IT consulting on any of our supported technologies.

Develop or review corporate IT strategy documents.

Disaster Recovery and Normalisation planning.

On the ground Disaster Recovery operations as part of your first response team.

On-site technical support and 'key man' holiday cover.

Cross platform service migrations - moving systems and services between vendor solutions.

Flexible Contracts

Our consulting services are generally provided as bespoke arrangements that are unique to each individual task or project.

However, some customers prefer to order a block of time and call-off consulting days as or when they feel they would best benefit from them.