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About Us
  • We have been working with Sector IT for over 15 years. They continue to enable us to deliver a first class IT service within our organisation despite the ever changing demands within the NHS.
  • We have outsourced our entire IT provision to Sector IT and are now in our 11th year of partnership. Sector IT has enabled us to concentrate on and expand our core business through their provision of IT as a Service.
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Who We Are

Sector IT is a dedicated team of IT professionals based in the South East of England. We have been operating for over 20 years within the public sector space and have extensive knowledge and experience within the NHS environment throughout this entire period.

Our core business is built around annual support contracts enabling us to operate a dedicated IT Support Helpdesk with access to our 2nd and 3rd line support engineers.

In all cases we work with Local IT teams to deliver and support IT systems and services. We are considered to be extensions of these local teams providing valuable experience and knowledge at every level.

Our success and longevity has been born out of our commitment to our customers, their reputation and the systems and services they deliver. We undertake all service delivery and system management tasks taking responsibility and ownership as though it were our very own.

Our presence gives our customers managerial confidence that their systems are cared for while our relationships with local IT teams enable them to flourish knowing that they are not alone.

Where we collaborate with local teams to directly support IT services we traditionally provide two key service areas. We provide skills and experience where there are shortfalls within the local team and we often conduct the daily routine operations to free up local teams for project or more complicated and interesting work.

Within our local team we ensure that knowledge sharing is core to our operation. We do not permit information silos ensuring that we do not expose ourselves or customers to key individuals within our organisational. For this reason you will find that all individuals within our team have a broad IT spectrum covering all aspects of our service provision, their interests and further specialisations.

We have an exceptionally high retention rate of staff and take great pride in the fact that our team are working within a highly creative and enjoyable environment. Don’t just take our word for it, ask any member of our team how they feel about Sector IT and the value we place upon them.